I live in Haywards Heath so I get the bus in to school. After registering in my house, which is Dicker and checking in with my tutor, my first lesson of the day is with Mr Trenaman for English. He’s a really creative teacher and makes everything come alive for me. 

Next up is History with Miss Webster. We are studying Nazi Germany at the moment and I went on the History trip to Berlin in February which made it all seem real.

I go back to Dicker at break time and we’ll often have a kick about outside with the boys from Camberlot.

After break, I have Business which is a subject I really enjoy. We look at real life issues such as productivity and motivation.

At lunchtime I will sit with friends from my house but also my football mates as well. When I arrived at Bede’s I realised that playing a team sport is a real short cut to making new friends and through it, I met boarders and people from other houses. 

I like to squeeze a gym session in at lunch when I can. It’s a really sociable thing to do and Mr Morriss always encourages us to keep up with our gym training as it leads to real results on the field.

In the afternoon I have football training in Activities. Mostly we will train on site but if the weather is really grim we will head off site. Training is with Mr Harding.  As an ex professional he is able to give us a really unique insight into the game. His training sessions are a lot of fun but they are also quite intense and I have improved a since he’s been working with us.

At the end of the day it’s good to catch up with friends on the bus journey home (mornings are sometimes a bit quieter though!)  In the evening I will usually do an hour’s prep; I try to keep on top of it during the week as I don’t have much time at the weekend with matches. I always look forward to any match we play on Saturday – win or lose, it’s a good day out!  And that just leaves Sunday to recover from it all before we start it all again! 

Interviewed in the Summer 2019

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