Sam signs to Lake Forest College, Illinois soccer team
David Caryer, Director of Football

Many congratulations to Sam Bickersteth, Upper Sixth, who will soon be travelling to Illinois in the USA to begin a new season with the Lake Forest College soccer team.

Dan Andrews, Head Coach of Lake Forest College men’s soccer team, comments on Sam’s signing: “Sam’s great ability on the pitch and his strong academics made him an ideal recruit to fit in with what we value at Lake Forest College. We are confident that he will click with the team and enjoy the competitive football atmosphere as well as the high standard of academics. Sam’s excellent first touch, vision and awareness will prove valuable within the Lake Forest team and we are excited to see how he adapts and excels in the next stage of his career.”

David Caryer, Director of Football at Bede’s, adds: “Sam is someone I truly admire. He made the difficult decision to leave his previous school in order to challenge himself in the Bede’s football programme, and during this time his development has been simply outstanding. You will not find a more hard-working and independently-motivated pupil than Sam, and he deserves this opportunity now and every success in the future.”

Sam celebrates his USA signing with fellow Upper Sixth pupils Rex Lane and Tom Collins, who will join Bates College and Dartmouth College respectfully end of this academic year.

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