Year 4 Enjoy a Trip to our local Holywell Beach
Millie Brodie, Year 4 Teacher

As part of our 'Seashore' topic, Year 4 took a trip down to Holywell beach and participated in several activities this week.

Firstly, some children went off in groups and conducted a beach clean. The children shared their understanding on the many reasons why this is important, including keeping the wildlife safe and making the beach look tidy.

Other activities included a sketch of the landscape and creating different groups of sea creatures. The children put their artistic skills to good use and focused on a particular point on the beach to sketch. Meanwhile, many other masterpieces were being created, including crustaceans, reptiles, mammals, and fish!

The children worked collaboratively to produce a sea creature while simultaneously using their knowledge from our science lessons to reason with their friends about the different features each sea creature needs.

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