Sport plays a fundamental part of life at Bede’s.

With a nationally-recognised programme, world-class facilities and specialist coaches, opportunity, drive and participation is at the heart of what we do. Whether pursuing sport as a career or a hobby, Bede’s pupils are encouraged to exceed all expectations, grow in confidence and develop a lifelong passion for health and fitness.

Our Professional and Participation Pathways enable pupils of all ages and levels to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities, coaching and facilities on offer to encourage a love of sport for life.

We have positioned our sports purposefully across the Trust, with three Core Sports, three Competitive Sports, and a number of Support Sports.

For those pupils looking to convert their passion for sport into a professional career, we have extensive training programmes, fixtures schedules and expertise to enable them to perform at the highest level – and our many success stories prove that this is consistently achieved.

However, our main measure of success is how well we have equipped pupils to better themselves: a much higher-value benefit than any leader board ranking. Everyone’s sporting journey started by participating, by discovering enjoyment and camaraderie. Talent will get you so far, but knowledge, nurture and dedication will take you all the way – whichever route that may be.

We ensure that every sport on offer at Bede’s is of the highest quality, placing great importance on providing an outstanding experience for every individual.