The transition from GCSE to Sixth form studies is undoubtedly one the biggest challenges young people undertake in their academic lives.

Consequently, it is fundamentally important that they pick subjects that they both enjoy and are able to succeed in whilst leaving as many options open as possible as they head into further education or the workplace.

Every member of the Sixth Form team at Bede's has a wealth of experience and is used to guiding pupils as they embrace the myriad challenges before them.

Sixth Form life is different to that of the GCSE years, with pupils now being young adults. As such, the relationships they have with teachers tend to develop significantly; as well as standard lessons, staff at Bede's welcome the opportunity to work with pupils individually to ensure that they understand major concepts and are on course to succeed.

In addition to the academic side of things, we also try to integrate every pupil into the Sixth Form by arranging a number of social events throughout the course of the year.

We offer a wide range of A Level and BTEC qualifications. Learn more about our BTEC offer in the below video:

Bede's Sixth Form Curriculum Booklet

Bede's Diploma Booklet

Bede's Sixth Form Admissions Criteria

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