Sport and Physical Education

At Sixth Form, pupils can study for the Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Sport which covers development, coaching and fitness as well as the Level 3 BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma in Sport. Many pupils choose to combine this with the Level 2 Sports Leaders which is offered as part of the Bede’s Diploma. 


Pupils learn key skills such as how to coach, lead and manage sports sessions including charity events and sports tournaments. They learn how to test fitness and health and to devise training methods and lifestyle changes to improve fitness and health.

As part of the curriculum, pupils participate in team sort, individual sport and outdoor and adventurous sports such as mountain biking and trekking on the South Downs. Skills such as first aid and injury management are taught along with nutritional advice. Pupils who study this subject often learn to become independent and inquisitive thinkers who manage their schedules effectively. 

The course is widely respected by universities and the benefits it offers to pupils in terms of transferable skills set them up very well to enter the world of work – whether that be within the world of sport or otherwise. Pupils will typically go on to study a variety of courses at university including sport and exercise science, sport and business management, sports coaching, physical education and teaching degrees. 

The course aims to improve performance as well as educate students about how both mind and body work and most importantly instil an understanding of the importance of physical education as well as a life-long love of sport and exercise. 


Performance and Participation are at the heart of the Bede's Sport offer