Overseas admissions

The Sixth Form can be a wonderful time for pupils from overseas to come to the UK to enjoy a period of Sixth Form study.

Not only are most children ready to spend some time away from home and to develop their self-confidence and independence but many children will also have developed their English language skills to a good level by this age. 

Our Sixth Form team work closely with our EAL department and Tutors to ensure that international pupils who join during this time are well supported.  This process starts from the early stages of the admissions process when our Sixth Form team interview pupils, either in person or by Skype in order to discuss the duration of their study, understand their career and university aspirations and their academic profile and English language skills. 

These early conversations are important in ensuring that pupils are studying an academic programme which they are well-suited to and one in which we would expect them to thrive.

Pupils are required to gain 5 or more IGCSEs at Level 6 or above and must also attend an interview. Interviews can be conducted via Skype. References and school reports will also be requested.  Those pupils who are not taking IGCSEs or GCSEs, will be required to sit a UKiset test.