At Bede’s it is our goal to ensure that we educate the whole person and it is our strong belief that learning takes place beyond the confines of the classroom just as much as it does within it. With this in mind, we have built a peerless co-curricular programme which places creativity, service and action at the heart of the student experience. 

Bede’s students choose from a wide array of over 100 clubs and activities, with the Co-Curricular Programme taking place across three afternoons every week as well as over the weekend.

For our Sixth Form students, the Co-Curricular Programme provides welcomed time away from studies and an important balance to the school week. Whether  it is to enjoy playing sport, indulging in hobbies – such as dance, yoga or cookery within school or activities outside it such as mountain biking, climbing, horse-riding or snooker – the opportunity to switch focus, relax and gain perspective can bring benefits both in terms of mental wellbeing and academic performance. 

The majority of students relish the opportunity to become more academically specialised in the Sixth Form and to focus on the subjects for which they feel the greatest passion. Some students, who retain broad academic interests, can find these choices challenging however, and the Co-Curricular Programme can provide the perfect vehicle for keeping interests alive beyond the confines of the academic curriculum. Whether it be art, drama, photography or a language, there are myriad opportunities within the Co-Curricular Programme, to pursue such passions simply for enjoyment and relaxation. 

Equally, for those students who have embraced the opportunity to specialise, be that in the Arts, Sciences or Humanities, the Co-Curricular Programme offers a wealth of enrichment opportunities beyond the academic curriculum. From “UK Space Design” and the “Developing Biomedical and Microbiology Skills”, “History Through a Lens” or "Philosophy and Philosophers”, the Co-Curricular Programme can provide opportunities for academics to take their studies to an even higher level.

Finally, as many students begin to consider their higher education and career goals, grappling with the challenges of personal statements and university admissions interviews, they may discover some gaps in their life experience.  The Co-curricular Programme provides a meaningful, enriching and practical way of addressing these, whether that be through volunteering in the local community, taking up an editorial role on the newspaper or even producing a junior play. 

Whether a student’s priority is academic enrichment, a desire to maintain interests away from the pressure of exam grades or a simple need to relax, the Bede’s Co-Curricular Programme can provide opportunities for all. 

Activities Programme

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Bede's students pick from a wide array of over 100 clubs and activities, which prepare our students to see life as an educational journey.