Careers and Employability

The Careers and Employability Service is dedicated to developing a high quality and innovative Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) provision to all Bedians, whether they plan for university, a gap year, an apprenticeship or entering employment, when moving on from our school.

We believe that good quality careers advice is fundamental in helping Bedians become well-rounded individuals, who are prepared and ready for their future challenges in world of work.

Furthermore, we see how good careers advice helps raise pupils’ aspirations and improve their academic outcomes. 

Our robust Employer Engagement Strategy allows pupils to keep ahead of changes in the labour market, and to support pupils in understanding the needs of employers and society more generally. 

“Pupils are more likely to be successful if they carry out careers research early. Early experiences in the world of work can really help pupils develop a view on what kind of career they want to pursue and this can really motivate them to focus on the academic goals which will get them there.”

Deborah Franks, Head of Careers and Employability

Sixth Form

Through the Bede’s Diploma, pupils can gain experience in a number of areas which future employers are likely to value; whether that be through the Sports Leadership Programme or through volunteering work, the Diploma will provide a framework by which pupils can evidence the all-important “soft skills”.

Towards the end of their Lower Sixth, pupils will participate in Futures Week. This is a week of practical workshops, talks and seminars aimed at preparing pupils for the challenges ahead, both in their academic studies and life beyond Bede’s. For example, pupils can participate in a half day interactive workshop featuring a mock assessment centre and gain interview experience. 

In the Upper Sixth, many pupils will be focussed on university applications (supported by our Director of Higher Education). There will also be a number of pupils who are considering other options, including apprenticeships or gap years, and advice will be available to ensure that gap year experiences are as meaningful as possible and that the broadest possible guidance on apprenticeship opportunities is also available.