Bede's Writers Competition Launches
Matthew Oliver, Head of English

Whilst we might be in lockdown, our imaginations certainly are not. Today, as we launch our sixth annual Bede's Writers Competition, there really is no better time to get creative. 

This year, our stimulus phrase is 'in our hands'. 

Bede's Writers Competition 2021 from Bede's on Vimeo.

This phrase can be interpreted in any way at all, and students should feel free to be inventive in the way that they explore the concept. A piece might take the stimulus phrase literally, beginning with someone holding a specific object - anything from a scepter or scalpel to a sea-shell or comfort blanket. Students might also want to escape into a different world altogether from the one they inhabit. Why not write a piece of historical fiction or poetry about a famous object from the past? On the other hand, students may wish to think more metaphorically and consider what else we might hold in our hands - an important decision, a heavy responsibility, even the future of the environment.

Each year, we are stunned by the variety of the writing we receive. Students really can write about anything. Absolutely anything. Work can be dramatic, moving, funny, satirical, written in any style and from any perspective.

If students wish to take this further, the English department has prepared some handy hints and tips as well as further guidance on its website here.

This year's deadline is Wednesday 24 February, and we can't wait to read your work.

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