We encourage pupils in their senior years to think of themselves as leaders and we provide them with a wealth of opportunities to lead and consult with younger pupils via the various school councils and the prefect system. These structures also provide the mechanism by which our senior students can influence the strategic decisions taken by the School.

Each pupil is encouraged to record their leadership achievements within the structure of the Bede’s Diploma; some students aspire to become School Prefects, others prefer to take such a role within their House, providing crucially important support to House Staff. 

Pupil-led Equality Still Matters event, 2019

Others look further afield, choosing to lead fundraising work in conjunction with local charities or by pursuing the Sports Leadership Awards. 

Whatever their chosen avenue, we believe passionately that by the time a student leaves Bede’s, they will have discovered their leadership potential and will have a body of evidence to demonstrate their achievements to others.