Sixth Form tutors at Bede’s work closely with pupils, helping them to embrace responsibility, independence and to foster their talents both academically and more holistically within the School and the wider community. 

Tutoring in the Sixth Form often takes on more of a coaching role; our pupils expect and deserve to be treated as the young adults that they are.

Tutors will give students more autonomy and in return expect self-discipline with regards to independent study.  Many pupils find the transition from the junior years straightforward, adjusting quickly but others may need more monitoring and support and our tutors are experienced in assessing each pupil’s individual needs. 

Sixth Form Tutors at Bede’s also encourage pupils to value their individualism, develop their sense of place in the world and establish a set of values that will guide the way that they live and judge the world around them. They provide a sounding board for these ideas and challenge pupils to be inquisitive, open minded and to make informed judgements. 

Personal tutors work closely with the expert advisers within the Sixth Form Team to offer support to students as they consider their future options and begin submitting applications to universities through UCAS or to explore the possibilities of apprenticeships or employment. 

Later, as students prepare for their exams, the relationship that the tutor has developed with their tutees ensures that they are able to tailor the support that they provide during, what can be, a highly pressurised time.

Tutors provide guidance on study skills, revision and time and stress management to supplement the broader programme of talks provided to Sixth Formers to cover these vital topics. Tutors are also on hand of course to sooth pre-exam nerves or to debrief after the event. 

tutor and pupil