Sport at Bede's

Bede’s has an enviable sporting reputation, both in terms of our record of local, regional and national success and in our pedigree for developing professional athletes.

While our trophy cabinets contain a respectable array of silverware, and we are exceptionally proud of those teams and individuals who have gone onto national acclaim, we most pride ourselves on our rates of participation.

Our philosophy of engagement is threaded through all of sports and year-round Academy Programmes, from the Pre-Prep years right up to Sixth Form level, and we put heavy emphasis on encouraging children to try as many sports as they can.

While our ‘Core Sports’ are Football, Hockey and Cricket for boys and girls, there are over 20 different sports programmes available, from Tennis and Swimming to Golf and Basketball, and our expert coaches in all sporting fields look to enable success in every young person at every skill level.

Top photo is courtesy of RWT Photography